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InterGlobe Aviation Limited (IndiGo) Eyes Seychelles Market with New Flight Route from India

InterGlobe Aviation Limited (IndiGo), India's largest and most preferred passenger airline, has expressed strong interest in commencing flights from India to Seychelles. This development follows bilateral aviation talks held in New Delhi, India, in May 2024, where negotiations between IndiGo and Seychelles authorities began.

The commencement of flights by IndiGo to Seychelles is set to strengthen the bilateral ties with India and enhance the visibility of both destinations.

The Minister for Transport, Mr. Antony Derjacques, welcomed this show of interest stating, "The intent expressed by IndiGo to launch direct flights to Seychelles represents a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance connectivity and foster strong bilateral relations with India. We are excited about the potential for increased tourism and business opportunities that this new route will bring."

IndiGo is one of India’s fastest growing airlines, with a fleet of over 367 aircraft and a rapidly expanding network, connecting passengers to more than 121 destinations worldwide. The airline’s commitment to providing an affordable, reliable, and efficient travel experience has made it one of the fastest-growing airlines globally.

If confirmed, the launch of the new flight route is anticipated to significantly enhance tourism and business exchanges between the two nations. Visitor arrivals from India to Seychelles have shown a positive trend over the past few years, with 4,957 visitors in 2022, 7,602 in 2023, and 3,268 so far in 2024. This new flight route is expected to further boost these numbers, providing more opportunities for tourism and business exchanges.

On his part, the Chief Executive Officer for Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), stated, “The operation of Indigo to Seychelles will represent a milestone achievement in our air transport development, connecting Seychelles to the geographically vast and rich nation of India via Mumbai.”

The Seychelles authorities remain committed to fostering strong international aviation partnerships, and this new development with IndiGo marks a promising step towards achieving that goal. Further details from the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) will be shared in due course, underscoring the collaborative efforts to ensure the success of this new venture.


Extension of Rue De Possession Reopening Trial Period

The Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with the Seychelles Land and Transport Agency (SLTA) and the Seychelles Police Forces, would like to advise members of the public that the trial period for the reopening of Rue De Possession has been extended until further notice.

The Ministry, SLTA, and the Seychelles Police Forces would like to express their gratitude to the public for their continued cooperation and support during this trial phase. The extension will allow for further assessment and ensure the long-term success and safety of the reopening.

We encourage residents and visitors to Victoria to continue sharing their experiences and feedback. Your input is invaluable in helping us make informed decisions that will improve the traffic flow and safety in our capital city.


Seychelles rallies Aeroflot for year-round air services

The Minister for Transport, Mr. Antony Derjaques, met with a delegation from Aeroflot led by the Ambassador of Russia to Seychelles H.E. Mr. Artyom Kozhin, on Monday 10 June 2024 at Botanical House, Mont Fleuri. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the resumption of flights by the airline which is scheduled for October 2024, with three weekly flights.

During the meeting the Minister remarked the important contributions made by Aeroflot in the economic recovery of Seychelles from the covid-19 pandemic. He noted that “Since its resumption of scheduled flights to Seychelles in 2021, Aeroflot has been consistent in its performance driving up tourist arrival from Russia from under 15,000 in 2019 to more than 38,000 in 2023. As a result, Russia now stands in the top five of our tourist arrival week on week. We are very pleased with this achievement. It is in this spirit and in recognition of its contribution to our socio-economic development that we are rallying the support of all stakeholders to ensure the smooth resumption of Aeroflot in Winter 2024.”

On his part the Russian Ambassador to Seychelles accentuated on the achievements made by Aeroflot since it resumed flights to Seychelles. He emphasized on how through this operation, the tourism profile of Seychelles has seen a significant hike in Russia, spurring demand for travel to the islands. He reiterated the remarkable numbers of tourist arrival from Russia in 2023 which is the highest on record in over more than a decade. In his statement he also expressed appreciation for all the support extended to the airline in ensuring it can conduct flights to seychelles as a testament of the good bilateral relations between the two countries.

The representatives from Aeroflot had an opportunity to brief the Minister on some operational challenges that they are facing. The Minister conveyed reassurance that through a multi-stakeholders approach the government will endeavor to find meaningful solutions to address any hurdles that they are facing. The Minister called for a cohesive and collaborative approach locally amongst key stakeholders to ensure the airline can resume the flights as planned later this year. He remarked that, “we need to recognize the domino effect of Aeroflot’s operation to Seychelles. Everyone in the country benefits either directly or indirectly. Henceforth, it is important that we work towards ensuring that we can achieve year-round service from the airline by creating the right conditions to facilitate their operation.”

Aeroflot conducted its last flight to Seychelles in May 2024 and at the time they ceased operation they were doing three-weekly flights to the islands, using an A-350 aircraft with a capacity of more than 300 seats.

In attendance at the meeting were also the Secretary of State of Finance, Mr. Patrick Payet, officials from the Ministry of Transport, Department of Tourism, high level representatives from SCAA, Air Seychelles, Skychef Servair and Travizory. 

Minister for Transport Welcomes Emirates Airline’s New Flight Route Enhancing South-South Cooperation

The Minister for Transport, Mr. Antony Derjacques, has expressed his strong support for Emirates Airline's recent announcement to introduce four weekly flights between Dubai and Madagascar, with a stopover in Seychelles, commencing on September 3, 2024.

Minister Derjacques highlighted the significance of this new route, stating, "The introduction of these flights marks a substantial advancement in our efforts to boost trade, commerce, and tourism. This development is poised to enhance Seychelles' connectivity with key markets, fostering economic growth and cultural exchange."

The Minister further emphasized the importance of this initiative in the context of South-South cooperation in aviation. "By linking Seychelles with Dubai and Madagascar, we are not only enhancing our own strategic position but also strengthening the ties between developing nations. This cooperation is crucial for mutual growth and development, paving the way for more collaborative efforts in the future."

The new Emirates flight route is anticipated to position Seychelles as a pivotal travel and trade hub within the region, offering enhanced opportunities for business and tourism sectors.

The Ministry of Transport of Seychelles is dedicated to improving the nation's transport infrastructure and services, aiming for sustainable growth and development within the sector. Through strategic collaborations and innovative initiatives, the Ministry seeks to enhance connectivity and accessibility, benefiting both local communities and international visitors.

Re-opening of the Rue De Possession (formerly Francis Rachel Street) in Victoria on a trial basis

In response to public requests and interest, the Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with the Seychelles Police Forces, is pleased to inform members of the public that Rue De Possession (formerly Francis Rachel Street) will be reopened for traffic travelling North and South of Mahé, effective Monday, June 10, 2024.

This re-opening will be conducted as a one-week trial to assess the potential for permanently re-opening Rue De Possession and to guide future projects in the area.

Prior to that, the Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with the Seychelles Police Forces will be taking week 3rd to 07th June 2024 to sensitize the public on the matter.

Motorists using this road are advised to exercise caution and comply with the speed limits and traffic signs that will be displayed at the site.

The Ministry of Transport and the Seychelles Police would like to thank you for your cooperation


Successful Ministerial Discussions Held at the Global Supply Chain Forum in Barbados

Barbados, 25th May 2024 - The Minister for Transport of Seychelles, Mr. Antony Derjacques, engaged in fruitful discussions with the Minister of Transportation, Communication, and Information Technology of the Marshall Islands, Mr. Hilton Kendall, yesterday on the sidelines of the Global Supply Chain Forum held in Barbados.

The ministerial meeting provided a valuable opportunity for the two ministers to exchange views on common challenges faced by both Seychelles and the Marshall Islands. Minister Derjacques highlighted global issues impacting Seychelles, such as climate change, exclusion from major shipping routes, and other vulnerabilities faced by Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Both Minister Derjacques and Minister Kendall emphasized the necessity for proper access to funding and the importance of resources for conducting essential research.

The discussion also addressed the proposed levy on CO2 emissions for ships, with the Marshall Islands advocating for a minimum charge of $150 per ton of CO2-equivalent. This proposal, if implemented, would significantly increase fuel costs for shippers by adding hundreds of dollars for every ton of oil burned.

During the meeting, Minister Derjacques received a formal invitation to join the 6-PAC, an alliance originally comprising the Marshall Islands, Fiji, Tuvalu, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Kiribati, with Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Samoa joining later. Additionally, Minister Kendall appealed for Seychelles to participate in the International Maritime Organization Council meeting of Ministers and SIDS, scheduled for this September, tabled by the Pacific Islands at which several Climate Change issues tabled for consideration by the Pacific Island States. Minister Derjacques will consider the invitation.

Concluding the meeting, both ministers expressed a keen interest in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that would be mutually beneficial for both countries.


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