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Addressing transport infrastructure challenges as key strategic goal

Some of the main transport infrastructure challenges that the country is facing was the highlight of the discussions between the US Ambassador, Mr. Henry Jardine and the Minister for Transport, Anthony Derjacques.

It was a fruitful meeting whereby both parties explained the achievements and complexities of renewing transport infrastructure in the country. The Ministry of Transport has the difficult task of renewing several transport facilities that dates back to the colonial era and has over 50 years of existence.

The US Ambassador Jardine strongly supports the need to modernize marine port and airport facilities as well as come up with new options for larger and safer roads.

The Principal Secretary for Civil aviation, Ports and Marine, Alain Renaud spoke of the new strategic plans that are now formally guiding the Ministry towards more informed, research proven design and construction plans.

PS Renaud made the point while explaining the challenges of having a precise engineering survey and plan for the Mahe Port redevelopment. He deems it crucial as the port is one of the main channel for trade for the country. Hence, the concept and construction should efficiently suit the environmental aspects and the increase in commercial activities.

In addition, Minister Derjacques spoke of the upcoming projects such as the new Airport Master plan. As well as the South and West Coast Road Improvement scheduled to start in September 2023. The Minister spoke if his desire to have larger roads and create more mobility options that will cater for the increase in vehicle importation.

The US representatives also addressed existing areas of cooperation and collaboration whereby their technical and/or commercial expertise may be of great use to the Seychelles. This is in areas such developing efficient crisis/ emergency plans, drone surveillance of the Seychelles EEZ and hydrographic surveys to ensure security at sea and at all ports.

Both parties have committed to create lasting relations for mutual benefits.

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