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commencement of the West Coast Road Project

The Ministry of Transport would like to inform the press and public that the full scale work on the West Coast Road project has started.

The full scale construction work has started since last week. The West coast road improvement works commenced on the 3rd October 2022 with initial leveling and boundary setting works.

The contract was awarded to Benoiton Construction for a sum of Rs 38,924,310.00.

The project is 3.3 km long road widening and new pavements from the Anse la Mouche road junction to the Baie Lazare school entrance.

It will also include renovation of existing bus shelters and the construction of new bus shelters and bin site.

The project is expected to be completed within 6 months, approximately towards 3rd April 2023.

The project had been on hold for 12 years but recent interventions by the Ministry of Transport has allowed the project to go ahead.

The improved West Coast Road is expected to benefit both motorists and pedestrians by enhancing safety in one of the largest district on Mahe.

Upon completion, the project is expected to offer a wider road with more comfort while driving. It will have much more secure road infrastructures such as street lights, cat eye reflectors and crash barriers. It will have an upgraded drainage system that will reduce flooding during heavy rain, amongst others.

The Ministry of Transport calls for public cooperation when approaching the area and that they respect safety signage and instructions given.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023
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