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Electric Mobility experts are in to make green transport a reality in Seychelles

Four international experts are now evaluating and are to advise the Seychelles and the ministry of Transport on ways to best implement electric mobility in Seychelles. This comes after a 3 week tender process that attracted 24 participants. This brings Seychelles another step closer to having more environmentally friendly transport within the public sector via SPTC.

In October 2022, the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with UNEP-GEF detailed its plan to introduce electric buses in the SPTC fleet. The two year project has now welcomed experts with vast knowledge in international policy, business and strategy, international e-mobility technology, international battery technology and charging and renewable energy integration.

Their role is to provide the best way forward to implement a sustainable electric transport system in the Seychelles during a period not exceeding 2 years.

In a meeting with the Minister for Transport-Antony Derjacques, the UNEP delegation expressed their satisfaction for the resilience and progress that Seychelles has made despite the delay from the Covid 19 pandemic. They were happy to have met with key ministries and stakeholders to better understand the procurement of buses and IMF program, environmental policies such as that of end of battery life disposal etc.

UNEP-GEF is a key partner in this project offering technical expertise and a grant of 400 thousand US dollars.

“Now, I think we are in a crucial phase of the program. And we are happy to see the support of technicians and the Principal Secretary for Land Transport for the program,” says the Head of the UNEP delegation, Annika Berlin.

The Electric mobility project is also receiving the support of other partners such as IRENA (International Renewable energy Agency) and PUC for its transport plan. A potential partner is Calstart a clean transport expert based in America that intends to help with the transition to electric mobility and its education.

“Strategy and capacity building is the core of the project. We hope to see 50% of buses and cars electrified by 2030 and for that we welcome other partners,” says Ms Berlin.

UNEP-GEF has vast experience working with Small Island Developing States such as Mauritius, Madagascar, the Caribbean, Fiji and Solomon islands.

As for the Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques he welcomed a strong and realistic strategy that will pave the way forward.

“Thank you for your support and continuity. You have a vast experience and we will surely benefit from your guidance because without strategy, we cannot move forward,” he said while meeting with the UNEP delegation.

More research and negotiations are on the way to identify key partners for the supply of electric buses adapted to the Seychelles topography.

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