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In honor of lost mariners- SMSA organizes a memorial mass

In remembrance of lost seafarers and those who have passed away, the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority (SMSA) organized a church service in their honor. The service which took place at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral today (Wednesday 28th September 2022) also coincides with the World Maritime Day commemorated on the 29th September.

The Universal theme for this year is ‘New technologies for greener shipping’.

In an interview with the press, Captain Joachim Valmont who is also the Chief Executive Officer of SMSA highlighted the advancement made in maritime technologies since man have started travelling by sea.

He explains that despite the limited resources and vast EEZ of the Seychelles, they are working passionately and effortlessly to deliver a good service.

“As we speak, there are boats across the world operating as unmanned machinery space. The Covid pandemic has also played a big role in technological advancement, […] the marine sector has not been excluded and IMO promotes such advancements. And the Seychelles is not exempted,” he explains further.

Captain Valmont explains that through international cooperation with other naval forces they have been able to offer a better service in ensuring maritime security. Nowadays SMSA works in close collaboration with Information Sharing Centers that helps with the communication of maritime risks in the region.

The SMSA was pleased to note that so far this year there has been only one accident whereby a Sri Lankan lost his life after his boat capsized.  Even the Immaculate Conception fest on La Digue, celebrate on the 15th August, which in the past has proven to be very dramatic, was this year a calm one.

SMSA affirms that this church service was to honor the hard work and dedication of mariners who make great sacrifices for their profession.

“I would like to call on the youth interested in the field to seize the existing opportunities. One can start small and progress over the years. Our support goes to those who are at sea and working so hard,” he strongly stated.

The church service was attended by the, government officials, the Coast guard, staff of SMSA and the public in general.

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