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La Digue Port Extension Update

The La Digue Port Extension Project is moving at a steady pace with 64% of the total work now completed.

The Ministry of Transport, the Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA) and the Technical Steering Committee for the La Digue Port extension are pleased with the progress being made on the La Digue Port Extension Project.

The one-year project, which started in March this year, is expected to be completed in March 2023. Its objective is to improve the entrance channel and to upgrade the berthing management in the basin.

The project is now at 64% of its full realization, which comprises of three main components; dredging of the basin was done in the first phase, the construction of a quay wall and the construction of a breakwater.

To date, the contractor has successfully completed the construction of the breakwater and the installation of sheet piles. The backfilling works in between the sheet piles are at 90% of completion.

Other works that are steadily progressing are the dredging of the basin that is at 75% completion. The compaction of filling in between sheet piles as well as casting of concrete blinding to receive cope beam are 60% fulfillment.

Some of the final works to be done is the installation of precast fender.

The Ministry and the SPA feel that the continuous and active communications with stakeholders is a key aspect in the success of the project as all parties work hand in hand for its advancement.

Since the conception of the project a Technical Steering Committee was formed to monitor the progress of the works and to deal with project issues as they arise so they can be mitigated. This include any physical or social impacts the project may have on the stakeholders, particularly users of the jetty and on the environment.

The Committee is composed of representative of the District Administration, the Seychelles Fishing Authority, the Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority, the department of Environment and the Police as well as UCPS, the appointed contractor.

The extended La Digue Port is expected to cater for more docking space, an area for the Seychelles Coast Guard to refuel and dock for patrol in the inner islands and a marina that will include several commercial services.

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