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MAIB seeks to professionalize through cooperation with IMO

IMO recommends a Needs Assessment Analysis in order to further its cooperation with The Maritime Accident Investigation Board (MAIB).

The International Maritime Organization was pleased with the MAIB’s request for increased cooperation and support and is eager to help the board professionalize itself.

This was the outcome of a meeting with the IMO consultant, Mr. William Azuh, yesterday afternoon (Thursday 29th September 2022). It aimed at discussing areas of cooperation and support so as to offer a more professional service.

The IMO consultant has recommended a needs Assessment Analysis in order to better identify the needs consultative technical assistance in the area of Marine Casualty and Accident Investigation techniques and of the Board. The chairman of the MAIB, Mr.  Dominic Savy expressed their desire to have Search and Rescue.

Mr. Azuh stressed on the necessity for Seychelles as well as other member states in Africa to aim for better implementation of IMO standards and recommended practices.

The Chairman of the MAIB, Mr. Dominique Savy expressed their desire to have some training and technical support in the area of Marine Accident Investigation techniques and Search and Rescue.

The IMO consultants are currently in the country conducting training for Lecturers and Examiners for the examination, assessment and certification of seafarer. This is being done in collaboration with SMSA. Mr. Azuh is also the head of the Africa section for Technical Cooperation, IMO.

The MAIB has recently had their official set of guidelines and rules of conduct provided by the Merchant Shipping (Marine Accident Reporting and Safety Investigation) Regulations, 2022. This is the domestication of IMO regulations recommended to all its member states.

The Board hopes to continue to strengthen relations with IMO, thus increase its professionalism.

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