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Seychelles shines on the main stage at International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) TRIP Symposium

Principal Secretary Alan Renaud invited to showcase Seychelles' Innovative Journey in Traveler Identification and Border Security

Seychelles has taken center stage at the Eighteenth Symposium and Exhibition of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP) in Montreal, Canada, from September 12 to 14, 2023. The spotlight is on the successful rollout of Seychelles' new ePassport, a remarkable achievement that further enhances the nation's international standing.

Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation, Alan Renaud, had the honor of sharing profound insights on 'The Seychelles Experience in implementing ePassports.' His presentation offered valuable perspectives on Seychelles' journey and the robust security measures in place to safeguard these critical travel documents, ensuring their integrity and adherence to ICAO's stringent security standards.

Seychelles has not only introduced secure biometric passports but has also pioneered biometric screening on arrival, digitalized Immigration Forms for arrival and departure, and automated passenger risk-assessment and screening. The comprehensive biometric border security program, known as SEBS (Seychelles Electronic Border System), includes a Border Management System, Multimodal API-PNR Targeting System, and an electronic Travel Authorization system, making borders smarter and more secure. Already the strongest passport in Africa, the introduction of the Seychelles biometric passport is expected to further strengthen Seychelles’ international standing.

These achievements have already made a significant impact internationally, with the recent Level 1 Accreditation of the International Airport by the Airports Council International (ACI). Seychelles stands as the only country in Africa to fully comply with the UN/ICAO mandate on API-PNR. These milestones affirm Seychelles' commitment to ICAO's TRIP Strategy, encouraging Member States to build robust traveler identification processes.

Seychelles' success story is rooted in a holistic approach, underpinned by cutting-edge technology and interdepartmental collaboration. This achievement reflects the nation's unwavering commitment to progress.

Alan Renaud, Principal Secretary for Civil Aviation in Seychelles, brings extensive experience in traveler identification and border security to the global stage. With a background spanning 15 years as an airline executive, and over 4 years in his current role, he has played a pivotal role in key initiatives, including a critical cutover of the national airline's passenger reservation system and overseeing the implementation of the islands' API-PNR and Travel Authorization systems in 2020. Renaud's role is a recognition of the collective efforts of dedicated professionals across government agencies.

"In Seychelles, we believe in the power of innovation and cooperation. Our journey in traveler identification and border security is a result of collaborative dedication, exemplifying Seychelles' unwavering commitment to progress and global excellence. Our pursuit of cutting-edge traveler identification isn't only about us; it's about safeguarding global security and making every journey a secure one," says Renaud.

During his presentation, Mr. Renaud shared heartfelt anecdotes that resonated with the audience, illustrating the significance of their journey in embracing innovation and enhancing security. He emphasized the importance of these efforts in a connected world, where a stolen passport can become a weapon.

The ICAO TRIP Symposium serves as a platform to discuss the latest advancements in traveler identification and border security. The 2023 edition emphasizes leveraging technology to enhance the traveler experience while ensuring stringent security measures post-COVID-19. Seychelles' introduction of biometric passports in late 2022 and the Seychelles Electronic Border System align with these goals, strengthening the nation's position in global travel.

Mr. Renaud's presentation highlights Seychelles' commitment to innovation and security in travel documentation, contributing to global discussions on traveler identification and border management.

For more information on the ICAO TRIP Symposium, please visit the ICAO website:

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