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The WILAT Seychelles a platform for women empowerment in logistics and transport

Women should be empowered to build a career in logistics and transport that will enable them to be more entrepreneurial, take leadership roles and mentor others. This was highlighted during the passing over ceremony of the chairmanship of WILAT Seychelles. The new chairperson of WILAT Seychelles is Mrs. Estelle Alexis, Legal Advisor for the Seychelles Port Authority.

Woman in Logistic and Transport (WILAT) is a widespread grouping that brings women together to network and empower one another for career advancement. It nurtures women in leadership, mentorship and entrepreneurship roles. The organization officially started in 2013 with Nigeria being its first member country. It is now present in 38 countries worldwide with its latest member is Myanmar.

To be a WILAT member one must first apply for membership of the Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT). Seychelles initiated its WILAT association back in 2021 with Ms. Emilie Mousbe, former legal advisor of the Seychelles Port Authority as its Chair.

It was a tough task to set up and get women interested in WILAT during the restricted times of the Covid 19 pandemic. Ms. Mousbe had to step out her comfort zone to mentor and attract other women to the cause.

“The application process can be very intimidating. I even did a workshop with ladies. But I then understood the reason behind the lengthy process, because CILT is a very professional network. Even for myself it was very difficult but I had to mentor the ladies and help them grasp the benefits of being part of chartered organization,” explains Ms. Mousbe.

She now very pleased with the experience gathered and the transformation that this chairmanship was brought.

“The discussions and gathering are very enriching. If you are someone ready to learn you will gain a lot. There are networking and travel opportunities. The member access to the CILT website offers many international vacancies. In general, you are getting another perspective from the little cocoon that you are in, in the Seychelles,” she further explained.

As for the new chairman of WILAT, Mrs. Estelle Alexis she believes that people’s norms and beliefs needs to change in order to make the change. She made a summary of her vision towards the chairmanship of WILAT by quoting Sociologist Durkheim on the subject of collective consciousness.

“Embrace it to the fullest. Accept that being a man or a woman is not limited to the category of one’s gender and one’s role in life. Each individual has their own inspirations and dreams of what they can achieve,” she said as she explains her vision.

Three Ministers were present for the ceremony, giving their support to the advancement of women in the Sector. They were Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, Devika Vidot, Minister of Youth, Sports and Family Affairs, Marie-Celine Zialor also carrying the portfolio of gender equality and Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques, who welcomes the progression of women in logistics and transport especially in leadership roles.

“Specifically in the Ministry of Transport, women are progressively taking up significant roles such as deputy CEO, Chairperson of committees, board members, legal advisor, captains, pilots and more,” he said.

Minister Derjacques added on to share some of his hopes for the association in Seychelles.

“I trust that this association in Seychelles will raise awareness of women in transport and logistics and give them better representations in the media, society, nationally and internationally. My hope to see more women in leadership roles in the Ministry of Transport, where they can put in practice their talent and instinct in promoting economic growth and greener solutions in the sector,”

WILAT Seychelles is getting the full backing of the regional association as well as its Headquarters as well as the Indian Ocean Island Port Association.

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The Minister for Transport has overall responsibility for the departments, as well as its arm’s length bodies (ALBs), which have established governance structures.

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