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Message for Labor Day 2023-SOEs

Labor Day is the time of year that we celebrate your hard work and dedication. Yet, your input should be honored on more occasions throughout the year.

You’re a part of the big puzzle that makes up the Ministry of Transport, especially now that all of the transport sector of the Seychelles is finally under one parent ministry and is working in synergy with each other.

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Ministry of Transport Seychelles

Electric Mobility experts are in to make green transport a reality in Seychelles

Four international experts are now evaluating and are to advise the Seychelles and the ministry of Transport on ways to best implement electric mobility in Seychelles. This comes after a 3 week tender process that attracted 24 participants. This brings Seychelles another step closer to having more environmentally friendly transport within the public sector via SPTC.

Ministry of Transport Seychelles

The new Turkish Ambassador to Seychelles pledges more frequent flights by Turkish Airlines to Seychelles

It was with sincere intentions to increase the areas of cooperation between Turkey and Seychelles that the new Turkish Ambassador to Seychelles, Subutay Yüksel gave his commitment to ensure that the thrice weekly flight by Turkish airline will increase in the near future.

The outgoing SMSA board hopes that they have paved the way to allow the Authority to grow and one day fulfill its full mandate

It was with much appreciation of the collaborative work done by all members during their two year mandate, that the outgoing SMSA board agreed that they have strived to pave the way to allow the Authority to grow and one day fulfill its full mandate.

Ministry of Transport Seychelles

An opportunity to increase Philippine projects in Africa says the new Philippines Ambassador

It was a familiar yet first time visit that led to discussion on shared values and challenges of the two archipelagos. It incited the newly accredited Philippines Ambassador to Seychelles, Charlette G. Tang, to speak of her hope to increase Philippine projects in Africa.

She made her first official visit to the Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques yesterday afternoon (14/03/2023).

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Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles reviews 2022 Performance

Recovering from the debilitating effects of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic which brought many uncertainties to the aviation industry, as well as coming out of Administration in November, the national carrier can now review its performance from the past year with a more optimistic outlook. 2022 was a year that can best be described as one that was filled with determination, resilience and hard work.

About the Ministry

The Minister for Transport has overall responsibility for the departments, as well as its arm’s length bodies (ALBs), which have established governance structures.

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